2018 Upcoming Events for Weiwuying before Opening

Wonderland Project (Apr – Sep)
As an arts center for all, Weiwuying will turn the open space Banyan Plaza into a wild, vigorous wonderland! Inspired by the local banyan trees with their iconic crowns, the plaza is a sheltered public space that embraces people generously. Join us and explore more excitement!

EUREKA, a theatermakers’ lab (May 7 – May 11)
“EUREKA” is an interjection used to celebrate a discovery or invention in ancient Greek time. To create an arena for generating new sparks, “EUREKA” will gather theatermakers, artists, producers, designers and creators to stimulate new thoughts and generate fresh practices.

2018 Weiwuying Children’s Festival (July 1 – July 15)
This year, the annual Children’s Festival will take place at the Banyan Plaza for the first time. Through participation and interaction, 2018 Weiwuying Children’s Festival seeks to invite audience become members of the performance and leads them to one and another magical adventure into the mountain, the river, and even the outer space.